Premiered in September 2009 - Teatro Imprensa - Duration 60 minutes - São Paulo / SP

Conception, performance and music: Janaina Leite and Felipe Teixeira Pinto

Direction: Luiz Fernando Marques


After the break, a couple invites relatives and friends to celebrate this moment of passage through real parties of separation. The audiovisual documentation of this event unfolds in a scenic experience that transits between the personal and the impersonal, the theater and the documentary. Conceived by actress Janaina Leite and musician and philosopher Felipe Teixeira Pinto, “Separation Party: a scenic documentary” focuses on the theme of contemporary love and loving practices in the 21st century, starting from the end of their relationship, generating a heterogeneous dramaturgy that mixes philosophy, literature, personal writing, video projections and songs. This polyphony finds in the fragmentation and in the transit between different languages ​​the possibility of unprecedented combinations that articulated by the play of the scene call into question contemporary love, relationships, beginnings and ends.

The project includes director Luiz Fernando Marques, professor and researcher Júlio Groppa Aquino, as a theoretical provocateur and filmmaker and documentary filmmaker Evaldo Mocarzel as a collaborator in audiovisual research.

“We all do, we all seem to want, at least the middle class, the middle class up, and maybe not only, but we all seem to want Hollywood loves. We do not want simple loves, we do not want loves Atlântida, loves Vera Cruz. We demand Hollywood loves, very intense, that take us indiscriminately. I come to understand this as a kind of regime of truth and that points to a kind of nationalization of the private. Insofar as we, when we all want the same thing, there is nothing unique about it, is there? So, this refers to an idea that is not very elegant but that seems correct: that we are living subjectivities of a herd ”.

I think we need to reappropriate, or if they want to, expropriate the loving practices that are there. This, in the arena of our love field, this arena of struggle. We are ourselves. No one is going to do this for us. Forget the experts. We need to radically unravel those loving dictates that appear to us in this naturalized way, to upset that we live on the edge. If there is a possibility of a certain dignified life, it is not in our loving interiority, it is in what we do. That's why this cool idea of art as a way of life, of theater as a way of life. ”

(excerpt from "Separation party", from a lecture by professor Júlio Groppa Aquino)


"Separation party: a scenic documentary" had its premiere on September 15, 2009 and was created with the support of the Cultural Showcase project of Teatro Imprensa in the city of São Paulo, which among more than 400 subscribers, selected 12 shows to fulfill the season popular for three months. The success of critics and audiences extended the season for seven months in São Paulo and another month at Sesc Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. The show also participated in the Tempo Festival (RJ), the Luiz Antônio Martinez Corrêa Week (Araraquara), the Bahia International Festival (FIAC), the Contemporary Expressions Exhibition (Brasília), the Sesc Santo André Exhibition, Cena Cena de Teatro Festival of São Caetano and Viagem Teatral do Sesi circulating in 17 cities in the interior of São Paulo. With more than 100 presentations in the curriculum in almost 3 years, the performers and ex-couple decide not to perform the show anymore, which by that time was increasingly distant from the experience that aroused it. Janaina and Fepa continued to work together on other projects such as the show / show "Based on real facts" with Fepa's performance and direction by Janaina Leite.


"Theater on the frontier between life and something else. Here is the show" Separation Party: A Scenic Documentary ", where reality and representation are confused and something indefinable remains. The very classification" show "may betray the intention of its creators, who intend to transform the newly lived, in this case the separation of a seven-year marriage, into a documentary account.

Janaína Leite and Felipe Teixeira Pinto -ela, actress; he, musician and teacher- set out to celebrate the break with several parties where they elaborated the event with friends and family. (...) How should the viewer deal with the phenomenon that is seen?

To be complicit in the couple's daring and to identify in the courage of their act a relevant artistic fact? Or to doubt the authenticity of their purposes, as they are repeating twice a week, in a theatrical season, what is intended as a documentary record of a traumatic moment?

Wasn't theater always the presentation of something different from life that makes us believe that it is itself who is there before us?

The initiative alone deserves recognition. "

Luiz Fernando Ramos (in criticism for Folha de São Paulo)


"Separation Party" was for me an artistic and existential adventure at the same time disturbing and renewing, making me glimpse a lot beyond my umbilical and individualistic torpor, making me rethink so many and so many things, sometimes with fear, sometimes with desire to demolish everything, at other times not wanting to feel like an “imposter” in my own relationships, a word that was said by Janaína in the “separation video” she made with Felipe in Europe and that word was echoing in my head, haunting me ever since. I think that all art has to be transformative in the first place for the person who makes it and “Separation Party” left resonances forever in my life as a whole. And the project is indefinable, unqualifiable, a very interesting hybrid of languages, a mix of documentary with staging, fiction itself, performance and a lot of music; an artistic “happening”, a scenic “happening” that generated a film documentary. "

(excerpt from Evaldo Mocarzel's letter sent to Fernando Severo, editor of the documentary "filmic")



CONCEPTION, PERFORMANCE AND MUSIC: Janaina Leite and Felipe Teixeira Pinto

DIRECTOR: Luiz Fernando Marques





PHOTOGRAPHY AND CAMERA: Felipe Teixeira Pinto, Felipe Bentivegna, Danilo Dilletoso and Fabiano Pierri

EDITION: Felipe Teixeira Pinto and Danilo Dilletoso


SPECIAL PARTICIPATION: all people invited to the parties

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